A Beginners Guide To Realtors

Tips for Choosing a Good Realtor

Whether you plan to buy or sell a house, you’ll probably want some help from a real estate agent. But how do you know you’ve met “the one?” There will be realtors, plain real estate agents, full-time and part-time agents, and even relatives and friends in the industry. Whom do you choose?


Most certainly, those days when real estate brokers simply put a sign on the yard, added the property on the Multiple Listing Service, and just waited for potential buyers to reach out, are over. For sellers, that means working with a proactive, technology-bright agent. Because buyers begin with the Internet these days, pictures should be professional and the description detailed and really catchy. Very importantly, choose an agent who’s got some social medial marketing muscle. These days, this is where most of the action is, and you don’t want to miss it.


If you’re a buyer, on the other hand, review your prospective agent’s track record for closing deals. On average, a real estate agent would be able to sell around four homes yearly. Say you’re thinking of buying a home, and you represent one-fourth of the agent’s annual income. Think they would actually push for your best interest, or would they stop at nothing just to close that deal?

While a typical agent will simply scan the MLS for homes, great ones will actually seek out properties that haven’t even been listed. They will get in touch with homeowners in the neighborhood you want or even start a direct mail campaign in that area.

Realtor and Real Estate Agent – the Difference

As a buyer or seller, you have to know what makes Realtors and real estate agents unique from each other. First of all, real estate agents are not always Realtors at the same time.

“Realtor” is a term the National Association of Realtors uses as its registered trademark. Hence, it may only be used by NAR members, who pledge to uphold the association’s code of ethics in their practice.

Personal Agent Interviews

Pros usually recommend interviewing at least three agents before deciding on one. A lot of people are happy to meet one and then proceed, which is rather risky. References can also be crucial, so be sure to ask for some from your prospects. Let them tell you how they plan to help you find the right home or the right buyer for the property you’re selling.

Lastly, take note of how the agent handles your first call. That is probably the way it will go for the rest of your business relationship.

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