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Spine Surgery: The Basics

Not many people understand the meaning of spine surgery and how it is done in medical institutions. Some people think that spine surgery is a very dangerous operation and may take multiple sessions to complete. Patients of such surgery are usually those that are feeling extreme back ache. In most spine ache cases, patients experience severe pain that is often unbearable. The pain from the spine can travel to different parts of the body which is why patients with this condition often feel extreme pan. In such situation, a spine surgery is highly recommended by surgeons.

The patient can choose any of the two major types of spine surgery. The most common type is the traditional spine surgery. Patients can still feel pain while under the traditional spine surgery. Patients who cannot afford to undergo the second type of spine surgery often settle with the traditional one.

Laser spine surgery is the second type of spine surgery. With the laser technology, the medical machine can target spine issues without causing any pain to the patient. The surgeon will only help the laser machine in the surgical process. Laser spine surgery was first intended for more complex spine issues but as the years go by, it is already used for any patient who requests for it. Because the results are timely, patients can get back to work right after the operation is completed.

In order for the laser spine surgery to work, an incision is typically made to create an opening for the laser. The entire spine will not undergo laser surgery so the surgeon will decide which parts should be addressed. Laser spine surgery does not target healthy tissues which is why it is the most efficient and effective type of spine surgery. Because laser will be used in most of the spine surgery, the surgeon can focus more on the patient rather than the operation. Some patients would often go for other surgeries but they do not know that only a spine surgery could help them.

There are two ways to perform a laser spine surgery: the microdiscectomy and discectomy. Microdiscectomy is less invasive and cause less scarring than the other method. Microdiscectomy and discectomy are often interchanged but there is a significant difference between the two.

Any spine issues can be resolved through the use of a laser fiber to conduct the delicate operation. After the laser spine surgery, there will be no visible scarring that will be found on the patient. Try to search for the keywords “back surgeons near me” and you should be able to find reliable results from the internet. Chronic spine pain can be an issue so in order to correct any spine problem, a reliable spine surgery is required.

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