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Things You did not Know About Promise Rings and Mothers Rings

Promise rings and the mothers rings are some of the rings that very few people know about. In a case where one understands what these rings mean, there are chances that he or she will either buy a loved one. To begin with, a mother’s ring tends to constitute mothers family. A mothers ring would either be a sign of a child, children, grandchild or even grandchildren. The child or the grandchild could be living or deceased. One for example, may opt to buy a mothers ring to a woman who acted as a mother to him or her. One would also need to know the significance of stones in the mothers stones. While a 4 stone mothers ring would mean the woman in question is a mother to four, a 3 stone mothers ring would signify motherhood to three. You would also need to do a little research on engraved promise rings before purchase.

A mother’s ring tends to signify one’s pride for the family without saying a word. It would be possible for one to have a ring that would retain its shine for years. In a case one has a real mother, a foster mother or a career mother, one would consider buying her a mothers ring. One would be amazed to know how much value a mother would attach to a ring that represents her child on her right ring finger. In a case where the mothers ring is stack with other rings, it tends to be accompanied by other critical rings such as the engagement ring and the wedding ring.

On the other hand, one would need to know what a promise ring means. From a romantic perspective, a promise ring is a pre-engagement ring that signifies purity, celibacy as well as commitment to a loved one. Among the common promises bound together by the promise rings include friendship. Some people opt to use a promise ring to symbolize monogamy by people in a romantic relationship.

A parent can also buy a daughter or a son a promise ring supposed to show a sign of purity. A daughter or a son can promise his or her parents that he or she will remain celibate until marriage. In the same way, a parent can use a promise ring to the son or a daughter where they need to be promised that the son or the daughter will remain substance free. In some instances, a promise ring tends to come in to act as a pre-engagement ring.

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