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Verses in Bible and Hidden Messages in Them

The reason why Jesus wept and taken as the most concise Bible verse. The pain of Martha the sister to Lazarus of losing her brother touched Jesus. Bible verses in great full meaning. He cried with those who could be moaning, enjoy with those who had joy and bear burdens of those who could be burdened.

Jesus wept because he knew that the same tomb would be a place of his rest soon than those who were moaning Lazarus death could not expect. The other thing is that Jesus used to take the emotion of the people who were around him. The high feelings of the world pain were Christ business to overcome with a miracle to show heavenly glory.

What do we learn from the chapters explaining the death of Christ? Christ followed His Father’s will according to this verse. His Fathers will be to take save the world by giving His son to die on the cross for the sin of the world. This means there was no way God could save His son because he wanted him to die for the world. The verses in this chapter show us the tremendous heavenly glory is paying evil with good Christ also added another statement that he said we don’t know what we are doing meaning that the human living in this darkened world are also full blind in their ways that they don’t even know when they are doing wrong. Mathew 27 is the chapter holding the verses of all these lessons.

The next encouraging verses are those which prof the resurrection of Christ and the promised life after death. This in full meaning explains how the human body will be of no importance and the soul being in another glorious body that is more beautiful. The verse tells us the same bridge that Jesus went through will be part of us too. This was after three days the tomb was found empty and later Jesus appeared to them in new body. Every person according to this verse will resurrect and face the judgment. This Verses are found in chapters of the Mathew 28 booklet. The same message is also found in the book of Mark in chapter 16 in the deeper word of various verses.

All works of darkness comes from the evil ones who devil is the leader and organizer of the world patterns. The verse says that devil comes to still, destroy and kill. This proves that devil has nothing but counterfeits. This counterfeits are God’s stolen goods and people, destroyed to fit devils work and later destroyed after devil benefit from them. He will always show human easy ways of getting what they can ‘not manage before he destroy them. The pain of losing what does not belong to him but it is all his leads to death. All this will be found in the book of John 10 from verse 10. Devil is a liar.

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